Laser Pointer Pens Vibrant Color and Light

The new projection system features three high power, solid-state, laser projectors-each of the size of the paper in the image here-provides dome vision and 3D atmospheric effects, filled with the air of the audience. Each laser has many times more brightness than the old argon system. These projectors were completed by a laser Fantasy international company located in Seattle.

In addition to the stunning new laser function, the new laser projection system is also “green”. The new technology uses less electricity than the previous laser system in the Science Center, and does not require the flow of water to cool. The Science Center will save about 300,000 gallons of water a year, more than 30,000-kilowatt hours of electricity-about 500,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

One of the most respected and popular artists in the world, Beyonce is renowned for its strong vocal music, exciting video and live performances. Laser Beyonce shoots the fun and energy of her concert and brings it into the dome of a beautiful laser lamp!

The Boer Planetarium Classic! Our laser Freud products include the Pink Floyd album with the Moon’s dark walls, walls and a mix of more songs. You’ve probably seen Freud in recent decades, but you never liked it! The laser liquid sky and the full dome digital image will allow you to immerse yourself in the Floyd experience you have never had!

When our lasers are choreographer for your favorite music, our laser artists see eye-view glasses as very good glasses, and every one days of the Buhl Planetarium will have brilliant colors and rock and roll.

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